Thousands of embellished hardwood moldings and hand carved woodcarvings are available to make your project unique and personal. Decorative enhancements such as corbels, on lays, rosettes, plynths, crowns, baseboards, panel molds, shoes, amongst many more, can be used together to modify your cabinetry project. Above cabinet molding induces a certain style and creates height in the room by carrying the beauty of the cabinetry to the ceiling.

These elegant additions by Euro Tech to your cabinetry project is what set us apart from competitors, and other cabinets. We are the designer and the manufacturer so anything you dream up is a custom creation we can make for your home. View our cabinetry as fine furniture for your home.


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Quality you can afford.

Euro Tech Prices average 15-20% lower than other manufacturers because we manufacture all of our cabinetry here in our state-of-the-art facility. By eliminating the layers of middlemen in home remodeling, you can save a lot of money, and not sacrifice quality.

Any finished product that comes out of our facility is covered under our ETCR warranty and guaranteed for as long as you own it. We know that we make the best cabinets on the market, and we will stand behind all of our products.

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