Here at Euro Tech, we pride ourselves in our "cutting edge" craftsmanship. Our finished products represent who we are, and we are proud to produce a perfect product. No imperfections are over looked, or not taken seriously. The shop foreman and managers are held to the highest level of excellency. Our shop staff is trained on quality control. If a piece does not meet our strict expectations, it must be replaced to meet our specifications, and there are no exceptions to this rule!

At the end of the production phase, each and every cabinet goes through a rigorous inspection process. A lengthy check list is completed for each cabinet and must be signed off on before it can leave the shop for delivery to ensure that its "ETCR Perfect".

We take pride in knowing we deliver our customers with the best guaranteed service and quality products.

Quality you can afford.

Euro Tech Prices average 15-20% lower than other manufacturers because we manufacture all of our cabinetry right here in our very own state-of-the-art facility. We eliminate the middlemen in home remodeling, resulting in your money saved.

All finished products that come out of our facility are covered under our ETCR warranty and guaranteed for as long as you own the product. We make the best cabinets on the market and stand behind every single product we produce.

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